Wow! It’s HOT where I live!  I saw a meme the other day that said, “I’m not saying it’s hot where I live, but two hobbits just threw a ring into my back yard…”  Yes. Lately, it DOES feel like I live near Mount Mordor! If it’s that hot where you live, I hope you’re staying cool! Sometimes, the best way to keep cool is just staying where there’s air-conditioning! Maybe a good old fashioned pub crawl is just what we need! Have some cold drinks, some snacks and hang out with some good friends! Sounds like a plan! I’ll meet you there!

Pub Crawl is a fun kit for those times spent with friends just hanging out, or maybe watching your favorite sports event at the local pub! This kit would also be great for some man cave ( or ladies night out) layouts too!  Pub Crawl comes with 20 great pub inspired papers, over 70 cool elements and one bottle cap alpha that consists of uppercase letters and one blank cap to make  your own!

Grab Pub Crawl today and start celebrating the good times! It’s on sale this weekend at With Love Studio!


Here are some wonderful inspirational layouts from the CT!!





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